Committed to Pushing
Beyond Industry Standards


Staff and customer safety, always number one.

Rotor Solutions is proudly ISO certified in Quality Management, Safety Management and Environment Management.
The company also holds an Aerial Application Association of Australia (AAAA) Company Spraysafe Accreditation. Spraysafe is a AAAA imitative which aims for continuing improvement and professionalism in the application of agricultural chemicals by aircraft.

Pilots and Ground support

Each pilot is handpicked for their role by Chief Pilot, Hugh Acton-Adams, they are highly trained, skilled and qualified for the job they need to perform.

Ground Support Crew receive training above and beyond industry standard, to ensure they can complete their role in the most skilled but safe manner.

All pilots carry relevant CASA licences, State Chemical Licences, Chemcert, HUET, AAAA Pilot Spraysafe, Wires Training, and more. Pilots receive further training to enhance their skills, including the Aerial Pesticide Application Drift Management in Forestry training completed at Gatton Campus, University of QLD.

Ground Support Crew carry the loader SpraySafe, Chemcert accreditation, Dangerous Goods Certification and in house training. To ensure safety and proper management of fuel and chemical mixing vehicles, all Rotor Solutions support vehicles are Dangerous Goods Transport registered and staff carry the appropriate and required training and certification.

All employees also carry current:

Rotor Solutions also employ a full certified Dogger for lifting/utility operations.

International Organisation of Standards (ISO)

A company management target for a number of years, in 2019 Rotor Solutions were proudly certified in:

This accreditation was a goal and passion project set by General Manager, Monique Acton-Adams, to ensure Rotor Solutions was always accountable as a business.

The Rotor Solutions commitment to customer service satisfaction and dedication to safety and its safety standards, are linked together by ISO. ISO provides the tools to monitor and evaluate all aspects of the business and ensure continual improvement.

Dedicated to ensuring the best operational equipment for the job at hand.


Rotor Solutions are always sourcing new ideas and technologies to ensure precision and safety.

Safety is always at the front of any operation at Rotor Solutions and a management promise to staff and customers. As part of this, each aircraft is fitted with GPS tracking to ensure pilot and customer safety at all times. Tracplus units offer real time tracking, with complete fleet situational awareness and the Automatic Monitoring Service (AMS) offers extra peace of mind.

The most up to date swivel hooks and the Onboard Systems cargo hooks allow for safe utility work, including lifting and fire operations.

Helicopter spraying is the core of the business and Rotor Solutions state of the art equipment compliments the skill and competence of pilots assuring precision application. Rotor Solutions utilises the smart and complete Tabula Aviation GPS system with its advanced aerial guidance system.

Combined with the online platform, the cloud based system allows customers to map and mark out application areas, then provides assured proof of placement with maps delivered straight back to the cloud platform after completion.

For added safety, Tabula has an inbuilt powerline warning system for extra pilot safety, giving peace of mind knowing the pilot has the safest tools for the task. Tabula delivers real time coverage, allowing more than one aircraft to work on a task, combined with office based tracking of flight lines. All this making it the ultimate agricultural GPS.

For almost all operations the aircraft are supported by a mobile ground support crew member or team. Whether it be helicopter spraying, firefighting or powerline patrolling, fuel and mixing requirements come from the ground support team and their specially designed load vehicle.
Each Rotor Solutions vehicle is Dangerous Goods registered and can transport over 3000LT of aircraft fuel.

The team at Rotor Solutions continually keep on top of new technology, ways to improve and equipment which can make a job safer or results better.

Apart from the GPS, all aircraft contain the following vital equipment:

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